Tips for those tiny Midtown bathrooms…

As a lover of Midtown Kansas City there are several areas that you often have to compromise on.  First there are the closets. Did people not own many clothes 100 years ago?!  Second is the small bathrooms.  We all know the ones I am talking about.  A small pedestal sink, no counters or shelves, and barely enough space to step out of the shower.
While these bathrooms may be “cute” they are not always fully functional.

My favorite real estate website that I visit every day is The Lighter Side of Real Estate (check is out here).  Recently they posted this article with some amazing tips to help make a bathroom that looks like the one pictured become functional.

There are definitely a couple of the tips that I believe are genius and are worth highlighting. First, I love the hair dryer storage tip (which can also be used for straighteners and curling irons).  My hair dryer currently lays on a small storage cart where the cord gets all tangled up with my brushes, hair products, etc.  This would definitely solve that problem!

Another problem I have is finding storage for those things that people with regular sized counters keep in cute storage containers on those counters.  We are talking about cotton balls,  q-tips, make-up sponges, toothbrush holders, and commonly used products.  I love the two DIY tips to create storage with mason jars and old crates that can be built above a door, mirror, or any open wall space.

And finally… I can’t believe I have never thought about this little tip!  I have never had much luck with shower caddies. They never seem to fit, and don’t mention the ones that only hang by suction cup.  Nothing worse than those crashing down and waking you from a deep sleep at night!  It is also a great way to store kid’s bath toys.  It probably would not work for every shower set up, but a definite option to think about.

Make sure to check out the full article for more tips for those tiny (but cute) bathrooms!

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