5 Local Vendors to Support this Holiday Season

You all know that I love to support local. People often think about brick and mortar stores when shopping local. However, KC has a huge presence of vendors that you find online, in various stores that carry multiple vendors (such as in the West Bottoms or Made in KC), and at local festivals (such as the recent Holiday Swing at Union Station). Here are 5 vendors that I love!

Carly Rae Studio


Instagram: Carlyraestudio

I have made it no secret that Carly Rae is one of my favorite local vendors to support. I just love all her artwork. She also regulary hosts workshops. I have not attended one yet, but it’s definitely on my 2018 to do list! She also could not be a nicer human being.

Farm Dog Studios



Instagram: farmdogstudios

When I first got into real estate and began touring homes, I quickly took notice that everyone in Brookside and Waldo LOVED to have artwork that not only showed their KC pride, but also their neighborhood. I quickly began to notice Farm Dog Studios neighborhood subway signs were a common occurrence, and I LOVE them. I then visited their website and realized I just love everything they do! They also host private parties and events where you and your friends can create your own artwork.

Green Bee KC

Facebook: Greenbekc

Green Bee KC creates vintage inspired flour sack tea towels. I never thought I would be drawn to towels, but I do love the farmhouse look, and these towels are the perfect addition to a kitchen to pull together a vintage and farmhouse look.



Facebook: Photaj

Throughout high school I spent much of my time behind a camera. I absolutely loved photography, and being in a darkroom. I had an amazing photography teacher that taught us lots of creative techniques such as transferring photos. I definitely let my photography slip over the years, but I’ll always look back fondly on that class. I think that is why I am drawn to Pho-taj. Bridget combines a love of Kansas City, photography and has a unique process of transferring photos onto wood.

Adopt Don’t Shop KC


Facebook: No More Homeless Pets

I was working at my favorite coffee shop, Nomads, earlier this week and I couldn’t help but overhear the meeting going on next to me. I quickly realized it was a meeting about rescue animals. A little more evasdropping (I’m sure he doesn’t mind!) and I determined it was the owner of Adopt Don’t Shop KC. A quick google search got me to the website, and I can’t believe I had never heard of this company before. Scott’s passion for animals during his meeting, and throughout his social media is very apparent. Scott created his clothing line to bring awareness and raise money for local animal rescues. Support KC, support local and support animals? Done deal!

If you have a favorite local vendor, I would love to learn about them!

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