On the Fifth Day of Christmas…

The fifth day of Christmas brought me to a place I was not planning and had never heard of… donating blankets to The Fransiscan Sisters, Poor of Jesus Christ for them to give out to the homeless.

I received an email from Lexi, one of my contacts at Max Insurance (they are great, check them out here if you are looking for insurance quotes!) She was helping to collect new or gently used blankets for this organization. I gathered some up and dropped them by the next day, but I wanted to learn more about where the blankets were going.img_3802

The Fransiscan Sisters are made up of four sisters who work with volunteers to do street ministry and help feed the homeless every Tuesday and Saturday. Go here to view a news story that gives you more of a background on the Sisters.

I spoke with Jessica G. who volunteers once a month helping to pack lunches and deliver them. Every month they try to also bring something extra, and with the extreme cold in the winter Jessica wanted to gather blankets. They were able to collect over 50 blankets to pass out during their trip. More blankets were also handed out at a bingo night Christmas party that the Sisters hosted for the homeless. The Sisters (and their volunteers) went and picked them up and brought them to the party where there was food, bingo, gifts and fun. I find it amazing that some companies think they do not have the resources to have a Christmas gathering for their employees, and here is a group of volunteers who are able to host a Christmas party for the homeless. I cannot imagine the gratitude that these people had for this event.

I asked Jessica what she has taken most from her time volunteering and her answer was simply “They never take more than they need.” She said that in this day and age where we all are always taking more than we need, and everyone is always jumping on anything that is free, she finds it very humbling that the homeless are very quick to not take more than what they personally need. I think that is a lesson we could all learn from!

I’m so glad I learned about this amazing organization and I hope to be able to help again in the future. Please visit the Sister’s website to learn more and how you can get involved!

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