Home of the week!

As someone who is going to be on the hunt for my own home soon I thought that I would fall in love with more homes now that I am in real estate. However, more often I find myself coming up with reasons of why I would not want a particular home. Yesterday I fell in love for the first time. While the location is not perfect for me, the house itself was amazing!

You can view the full listing and professional pictures by clicking here. Listing is courtesy of Ashley Kendrick Real Estate. If you fall in love like I did it’s not to late, but you must act quick as it will be a multiple offer situation with all offers due by 5 pm tonight. Contact me for more information!

Beautiful living room space with built in benches for the dining room table.
While you have to be careful not to fall in love with a home’s furniture or decoration it sure was fun to look at all the unique pieces in this home.
Shower Details
Cute shuttered windows in the bathroom.
LOVE the creative way to have a towel rack in a smaller sized bathroom.
Fun way to hang your coats (or backpacks in this home!)
FANTASTIC finished basement, almost unheard of in Waldo.
Cutest girls room… with a walk in closet… and it’s own bathroom… in the basement.
Make up table in the second bathroom. Love the lights!
Organized laundry!
Cute way to display pictures or artwork!
Wine storage! Enough said!
Loved looking at their pictures and artwork. Perk of the job!
I didn’t get a good picture but this is beautifully on the wall above the stairs and there is an awesome wooden table attached to the other side of the stairs that makes for a good breakfast bar!

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