On the Fourth Day of Christmas…

On the Fourth Day of Christmas Santa brought me to…

Mission Southside!

Ok, it’s obvious I am behind on these blogs! It’s amazing in this field how your days will go from wide open to completely full in no time. I will continue to write them until I am done though:)

I failed miserably at taking pictures on this trip. As soon as I arrived they set me to work filling bags of rice, and then there was a catastrophe of a large spilled bag of rice, and next thing you know we were done for the day!

I first heard of Mission Southside at an Olathe Chamber coffee that was held there. They were full of touching stories of helping those that found themselves in need in Johnson County. I knew I wanted to learn more, and reach out and help.

Mission Southside has an open volunteer opportunity on Fridays from 10:30am-12pm. You can just show up and will be welcomed with open arms (18335 W 168th Terrace, Olathe, KS 66062). During this time they receive a delivery from Sysco. They never know what they are receiving or how much, but Sysco donates the food that restaurants reject due to damaged packaging, or an upcoming expiration date. Mission Southside makes quick work of getting this food out to those that can use it.

During this time on Fridays you help them sort the delivery, package it up and arrange it to be delivered to apartment complexes that work with Mission Southside. On this particular day we were arranging for six deliveries to be taken to six different complexes. The residents can then come and grocery shop and pick up some food for their family. We had everything from heads of lettuce, to oranges, bananas, and frozen blueberries among other items. They definitely have a system that works quickly and efficiently, and I enjoyed my time talking to other volunteers.

There are plenty of other opportunities to volunteer, and I highly suggest you visit their website to learn more!


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