On the Third Day of Christmas…

On the third day of Christmas Santa brought me to…

Harvesters Food Bank!

Harvesters is a pretty amazing organization and they have their system of helping to feed the hungry down to a science. They serve 26 counties in both Missouri and Kansas. Harvesters services 620 non profits throughout the region! They are also a disaster relief staging site for Feeding America. They continually store a supply of water, food and cleaning supplies that can be sent to a disaster site on short notice.

When you think about how they manage to supply over 39 million meals each year to those in need, it’s truly amazing the organization that is involved. Here is a graphic from their website that describes how they do it.


Signing up is incredibly easy and can be done by visiting their website here.

Harvesters relies so heavily on volunteers that you are certain to be able to find a day and time that will work for your schedule. When I volunteered there were about 70 of us, and only myself and one other guy were there as individuals, so it’s a great opportunity for groups.

On the day I volunteered I was stationed with a group from MasterCard who was bagging up carrots. Harvesters is trying hard to have more fresh produce available, and as you can imagine the turn around time to receive it, bag it, inventory it, distribute it and for it to be consumed is a short window. That is why such a large amount of volunteers are always needed! I spent two hours opening large bags of carrots and putting them into smaller bags that would be good for a family of 3-6 people. Everyone was friendly and the time passed by quickly. I definitely plan to visit Harvesters on a more regular basis and highly recommend it, especially if you have a large group!

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