12 Days of Christmas Volunteering…

volunteering-memeLast week I was working for a builder, and it was an incredibly slow day due to being right before Thanksgiving. I got caught up on work, and then I spent some time googling volunteer opportunities in December in KC. I know this month is going to slow down and I am going to find myself with some extra time on my hands, and so I wanted to find some new opportunities to donate my time to. As I was sitting there I had a sudden last minute idea.

Many businesses do the promotion “The 12 days of Christmas” leading up to Christmas and they give away prizes through their social media and websites. I have decided to do a spin off of that idea and do 12 days of volunteering, and I am going to volunteer at 12 different non-profits throughout the city. In addition to volunteering, I will spend time learning about each organization, their mission, and their needs. I am going to invite vendors, clients and friends to join me, and then blog about each experience. My hope is to give some attention to each of these non profits, and make people aware of their needs not only at this time of year, but throughout the entire year.

I am currently working on organizing the times, and I have 8 of the 12 scheduled. I am excited to learn of new ways to help strengthen our community. Follow my blog throughout the month of December to follow along with my experiences and I encourage everyone to find their own way to make a difference this month! #kcisourcity


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