From my porch to yours…

One of the most important features to me in a house is the porch.  I am definitely a porch person.  There is nothing better to me then spending a nice evening on the porch with my puppies, a glass of wine, good music and watching the world go by.

Midtown Kansas City has so many beautiful houses and my eyes always go immediately to the front porch!  I recently spent some time driving through some of KC’s infamous neighborhoods such as Brookside, Valentine, Volker and Hyde Park.

This porch I found at a house on the edge of Waldo.  What stands out to me is the beautiful brickwork.  Seeing a porch swing automatically takes me back to my childhood where I grew up with a swing on the front porch (and breaking it while swinging too high!).

I found this house on the north side of Brookside.  I loved the LARGE size of the porch and how it wrapped around to the side of the house. Plenty of rooms for the dogs to wander and to host friends!  The detail in the frame around the door is also beautiful.


A good pop of color will help a simple porch go from unnoticed to beautiful instantly!

My driving continued through Coleman Highlands and on into Hyde Park.  Both neighborhoods are known for huge, beautiful houses with amazing stonework.

I came across these two houses in the Hyde Park neighborhood.  Both take on a different feel with the circle porch.  The one on the right is also a double porch below and above.  I have definitely always wanted to have an upper porch as well!


This was probably my favorite porch that I stopped and looked at more closely.  I love the beautiful white columns and all the intricate detail and molding.  The white columns against the blue of the house was beautiful.  I also am always thinking about my puppies and they would love the spaces in between the stones where they could peak their heads out and watch the world go by!


A post about porches wouldn’t be complete without a look into the front porch that I spend so much time on.  While I saw more beautiful porches during my drive through Kansas City, my porch comes with two beautiful dogs and that makes it the best in the city!

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