Kansas City Living

Welcome to my first blog post!  I plan to bring the Kansas City community alive on this page.  I hope you discover a little coffee shop, or restaurant, or yoga studio, or neighborhood you didn’t know existed in Kansas City.  I will also of course also write about real estate and my adventure in it!  If you want to share your favorite local company, please contact me.  I would love to visit and support them

One wFullSizeRender (4)ay that I immerse myself in the local community is by working part time for a local start up company called Simple Science Juices.  Simple Science is a wonderful company that was founded by Steve Spangler who is a former Sporting KC soccer player.  He found himself with a myriad of health issues and was on many medications to try to control it. He discovered juices and their healing properties and the rest is history!

What I love most about Simple Science is their willingness to be out in the community and connect with each and every individual on their health journey.  You can find them at one of their three locations (Downtown OP, Crossroads and most recently Brookside), at the OP and Brookside Farmer’s Markets, or at one of the many community events that they participate in around their neighborhoods.  They even host a FREE yoga class every Sunday at their Crossroads location.

They are always sampling so stop in a store when you are in the neighborhood.  Visit them by clicking here.

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